About Us

Peninsula Midwives believes that being pregnant and giving birth are normal physiological events. Within the boundaries of safety, each family has the right to give birth in a satisfying and meaningful way. We focus on the normalcy of the process and maintain the relevant skills to deal with the variations of normal as they arise and use our clinical judgment to assess when transport is necessary to higher level care. We emphasize continuous, family-centered care, shared decision making and trusting the process.

The practice was started by Kathy Luch in 1987 after graduating from Seattle Midwifery School. The original name, Quimper Midwifery, was changed to Peninsula Midwives in 1990. The practice now includes Maya Horrocks, who joined the practice as a student in 2012 and became a Licensed Midwife in 2014. We see clients separately in Kathy's home near Beckett Point outside of Port Townsend and attend births together.

Kathy has, two sons, and five grandchildren and Maya two homeborn babies a boy in 2014 and a girl in 2018.

We offer full spectrum care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum including: hour long prenatal visits, necessary labs and referrals for ultrasounds as indicated or desired, attendance for labor and birth at home, breastfeeding support and care for yourself and your newborn in the postpartum period up to 6-8 weeks.

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