Why Home Birth?

“Homebirth for so many reasons. So I never had to think about when to leave. So when the going got real tough I just figured out how to get through it instead of how to escape it. So that my son could sleep in the bed he was born and never even have clothes on for over a week of life.”   -D

“Homebirth because it demonstrated a belief and trust in my body and my ability to complete the act, which reinforced the 'natural' aspect of the birthing process and gave me even more confidence that I could successfully birth my baby. Giving me more confidence meant that I could, in fact, be more successful, and gave me more trust and faith in my body and my baby's body. Homebirth because traveling during birthing sounded and was the last thing I could have imagined doing at that point - totally antithetical to what my body wanted...”  -S

“I never felt rushed, it was very personalized and gentle. Nothing about our experience felt ‘medical’ and I was really comfortable and able to go with the flow of labor in my own way,”   -J

Homebirth because the research on midwife-attended homebirth bears out that women who begin labor at home have much lower rates of intervention such as oxytocin use, forceps and vacuum extraction, and cesarian section, without sacrificing the safety of either mother or baby.  Other studies have shown that women who have one-on-one support from an experienced birth attendant are less likely to request pain medication and more likely to give birth vaginally.

“Having midwives willing to believe in me, to go the distance with me, who really trust this process that women’s bodies have been cycling through for millenia, allowed me to reclaim that power for myself.”    -R

“And you can eat & drink whatever you want-seriously the thought of ice chips in labor did not cut it.”     -S

“Homebirth because it only seemed natural that the man and woman who were entrusted to initiate and carry this being into existence could also be entrusted to facilitate that very being's entrance into the world, into their home, into their hands (with the loving guidance, grace and protection of a few phenomenally competent and caring midwives) confident that they as parents are enough. That they are capable enough, intuitive enough, compassionate and loving enough to do what needs to be done for their child without the help of an institution whose assistance they would otherwise only seek out in times of emergency or tragedy,”   -H

“It is good to start out motherhood feeling like you can do anything,”   -M